Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here and now

Well I know I havn't posted in like 6 months but a lot has happend.Well I now have 3 moives on my PSP. Megamind, Meet the robinsons and Dream works how to train your dragon. Damn I love those movies.Well I've been at collage for half a year {2011} I have a nother BFF.Her name is Sophie. And if you read back A while and I mean A while ago I done a post on GTA IV, well now I've clocked Red Dead Redemption and the last game I clocked was L.A Noire. I loved that game.All I can say is that if you love a good story line Play this game. My most fav song at the moment is "[I always kill] the things I love". Them and all their retartddness. Yea I went there. I really want to go see Transformers 3 dark of the moon. And Cars 2. That looks cool. I must remeber Cole Phelps , John Marston , Niko Bellic. Oh and if you just happen to look at this post and you like Doctor Who Well I do to! My most fav epsoide at the moment is The Doctors Wife.