Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to train your dragon

I have the news that How to train your dragon will now be coming to New Zeland next year Vector area!!! It will feature 24 life sized dragons including the Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare, Toothless the Night Fury and Red Death, which is the single largest animatronic creature ever made by The Creature Technology Company.
The arena spectacular will feature unrivalled production values, projections, flying, stunts, circus performers, fire and pyrotechnics. In one of the largest theatrical arena productions ever to go on tour, How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular will have a touring cast and crew of over 80 and require a phenomenal 40 semi-trailers to transport the production around the world.
The How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular – the unmissable arena event of 2012
Performance schedule:
Wednesday 18 April – 7 pm
 Thursday 19 April – 7pm
Friday 20 April – 11am & 7pm
Saturday 21 April – 11am, 3pm(SOLD OUT) & 7pm
Sunday 22 April – 11am

Ticket Prices
Premium - $99.90
A-Reserve - $79.90
B-Reserve - $64.90

Concession and Group prices starting from $44.90 available on selected performances.

Bookings through Ticketmaster: Phone 0800-111-999 or

I so hope to be going to it at some point. I just compleltely love the moive. Also It has also been relased that there will be a TV series on Cartoon-network around christmas 2012. AND it has been told that ..........................................................................................................................................................
........................................................................................ How to train your dragon will be a Trilogy!! Thats right there will be two more of them!! Its unknown what the second moive will be about but it will be a great one to be sure  

Friday, November 25, 2011


Well now I have a PSP it's pretty awasome. Like I have 2 moives on it. Meet the Robisons, Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon and Final Fantesy VII. I actually also have a game for that for the PSP as well. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doctor Who

The 11th Doctor

Ok so i really like Doctor Who! The last episode i saw was The wedding of River Song. I must admit i thought the Doctor was dead and going to die. But no. And the other thing is that, well the question that must never be anwered does get anwserd. Because in forest of the dead the first time any one mets River Song, in oder to get the younger Doctor to trust her she wispers something in his ear. And apparently its his name. But the question that should never be anwerd is this: Doctor Who? As in asking who is the Doctor and what is his name. But mostly asking what his name is. Also i thinking when does he tell her this? most likely in the next season, but he also gives her his sonic screwdriver [with some up grades] at the same time. And on that last episode The wedding of River Song he wispers something in her ear and says its name but really he says look in to my eye. the real Doctors minutre and in side the big robot him with the TARDIS behind him. So he's really alive and it was true that the man River killed was him. Or most thought she had. Everyday she would be in prison. But at night......... Well thats something else entirly. 

My dog

Something really awasome is that  y dog Skyla had 6 puppeys last week! their all cute but were selling them. Their german sheperd puppeys pure breed no papers. If you go on trade me you can see them advertized. The two girls have alreddy been sold and taken but we still have 4 little boys to sell! their going $650 each. That might seem like a bit but thats actually quiet cheap. They' re all 6 weeks and been weened. All reddy to go!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here and now

Well I know I havn't posted in like 6 months but a lot has happend.Well I now have 3 moives on my PSP. Megamind, Meet the robinsons and Dream works how to train your dragon. Damn I love those movies.Well I've been at collage for half a year {2011} I have a nother BFF.Her name is Sophie. And if you read back A while and I mean A while ago I done a post on GTA IV, well now I've clocked Red Dead Redemption and the last game I clocked was L.A Noire. I loved that game.All I can say is that if you love a good story line Play this game. My most fav song at the moment is "[I always kill] the things I love". Them and all their retartddness. Yea I went there. I really want to go see Transformers 3 dark of the moon. And Cars 2. That looks cool. I must remeber Cole Phelps , John Marston , Niko Bellic. Oh and if you just happen to look at this post and you like Doctor Who Well I do to! My most fav epsoide at the moment is The Doctors Wife.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This christmas was awesome!I got what I wanted to.A PSP!!!!!PSP's are awesome.I got three games with it.I also got some T's and suff for 2011.And I fine-aly got a new phone.I did get other suff but can't be bothered to type it.What did U get for christmas??