Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doctor Who

The 11th Doctor

Ok so i really like Doctor Who! The last episode i saw was The wedding of River Song. I must admit i thought the Doctor was dead and going to die. But no. And the other thing is that, well the question that must never be anwered does get anwserd. Because in forest of the dead the first time any one mets River Song, in oder to get the younger Doctor to trust her she wispers something in his ear. And apparently its his name. But the question that should never be anwerd is this: Doctor Who? As in asking who is the Doctor and what is his name. But mostly asking what his name is. Also i thinking when does he tell her this? most likely in the next season, but he also gives her his sonic screwdriver [with some up grades] at the same time. And on that last episode The wedding of River Song he wispers something in her ear and says its name but really he says look in to my eye. the real Doctors minutre and in side the big robot him with the TARDIS behind him. So he's really alive and it was true that the man River killed was him. Or most thought she had. Everyday she would be in prison. But at night......... Well thats something else entirly. 

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